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2011 Ford Mustang Sales - A Year in Review

A Roller Coaster Year Ends in a Slight Decline


2011 Ford Mustang Sales - A Year in Review

2012 Ford Mustangs

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
The year 2011 was a rocky one for Ford Mustang sales. While there were several instances in which the Mustang saw sales increases, monthly sales results were down more often than not. Despite these challenges, Ford Motor Company still managed to move quite a few Mustangs over the 12 month period, netting out at 70,438 Mustangs in 2011. In 2010 Ford sold 73,716 Mustangs. That’s a meager 4.4 percent decline in total sales for the year as a whole.

While sales were off just slightly in the long haul, the competition played up every instance in which Ford did not meet its previous year’s sales goals. Almost monthly, news outlets touted Camaro sales beating out the Mustang. While Camaro sales did dominate in 2011, there were instances in which Mustang won out. Take June as an example. Ford moved more Mustangs in June than any other month in the year. Ford sold 8,835 Mustangs in June of 2011. Meanwhile, General Motors sold 8,486 Camaros. Not a crushing defeat by any means, but a defeat none-the-less.


  • 2011 Ford Mustang Sales: 70,438 units
  • Best Sales Month: June with 8,835 Mustangs Sold
  • Worst Sales Month: January with 3,165 Mustangs Sold

Special-Edition Releases

Ford introduced several special-edition Ford Mustangs in 2011. For starters, the company offered up a modern day Boss Mustang with their 2012 Boss 302 Mustang offering. The car was available in two different versions, a standard Boss and a more expensive, and better equipped, Laguna Seca Edition. The company also offered an extremely limited run of 2012 Cobra Jet Mustangs.

In addition to these special-edition ponies, Ford once again offered a Shelby GT500 Mustang for the 2012 model year. A Mustang Club of America Edition package was also offered, as were The California Special Mustang package and the V6 Pony Package.

The 2012 Boss 302 had a starting price of $40,995 (including $850 destination charge), while the Shelby GT500 started at $49,495 (including $850 destination charge). The 2012 base GT model cost $500 less than the 2011 model, at $29,995 (including an $850 destination charge). Meanwhile, the Premium GT model cost $200 more than its 2011 counterpart $33,895(including $850 destination charge), while the Premium GT Convertible $38,895 (including $850 destination charge) was $700 more than the 2011 model.

2011 Ford Mustang Sales Month-By-Month

  • January:
    3,165 Mustangs Sold
    Down 33.3% From 2010 (4,747 units)
  • February:
    3,697 Mustangs Sold
    Down 27.7% From 2010 (5,115 units)
  • March:
    8,557 Mustangs Sold
    Up 46.8% From 2010 (5,829 units)
  • April:
    8,180 Mustangs Sold
    Up 59% From 2010 (5,145 units)
  • May:
    6,607 Mustangs Sold
    Down 35.4% From 2010 (10,225 units)
  • June:
    8,835 Mustangs Sold
    Down 1.5% From 2010 (8,974 units)
  • July:
    6,805 Mustangs Sold
    Down 9.1% From 2010 (7,489 units)
  • August:
    5,718 Mustangs Sold
    Up 2.7% From 2010 (5,570 units)
  • September:
    5,054 Mustangs Sold
    Down 12.3% From 2010 (5,760 units)
  • October:
    4,898 Mustangs Sold
    Down 7.9% From 2010 (5,317 units)
  • November:
    3,865 Mustangs Sold
    Down 5.6% From 2010 (4,093 units)
  • December:
    5,057 Mustangs Sold
    Down 7.2% From 2010 (5,452 units)

    Total Mustangs Sold: 73,716 units

    The Road Ahead

    Many folks, enthusiast and non-enthusiast alike, have commented on Mustang sales in the 2011 year. Some are quick to point out the highly publicized report of Mustang transmission issues, and how that might have impacted sales figures. In August of 2011, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Office of Defects reported it had received 32 owner complaints regarding a sudden inability to shift gears on 2011 and 2012 Ford Mustangs with manual transmissions. In the end, Ford conducted an internal investigation. The company reported that three percent of transmissions were affected. They also report that none of the issues caused a safety risk, and there are no plans to modify the Mustang or the MT-82 6-speed manual transmission. The NHTSA eventually closed its investigation near the end of the year.

    No doubt, things are sure to heat up in the coming years. In addition to an entirely new 2015 Mustang on the way, Ford unleashed a 650 horsepower GT500 Mustang that has a top speed of 200+ mph. That’s sure to stir up some excitement in the muscle car community; even better for Ford if that excitement transitions into more Mustang sales. The return of a slightly revised Boss 302 Mustang is sure to add to that excitement.

    All-in-all, 2011 wasn’t a stellar year for Mustang sales, but it wasn’t bad either. The future of Mustang, and units sold, will likely rely on several factors, including the condition of the world economy, new product offerings, and vehicle pricing. If economic conditions continue to improve, and vehicle pricing stays in line, I have no doubt that the Mustang will continue to survive these challenging times.

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