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The Original Drop Stop ® Car Wedge

No More Surprises Beneath Your Mustang's Seats


Drop Stop

Pushing Drop Stop into place

Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas
Have you ever lost change because it fell beneath the seat of your Mustang? Over the years I've found plenty of surprises when cleaning out my car. Coins, CDs, you name it. Of course I always hoped I'd find a couple of crisp $100 bills down there, but that never happened. No doubt, it's a major bummer when something falls through the cracks while you're driving. Sometimes it can be darn right dangerous. Especially if you're searching for what fell between the cracks while you're driving. It's also extremely frustrating. That’s where the new product Drop Stop ® comes into play.


  • Cost: $19.95
  • Made of high-grade black colored neoprene
  • One size fits all
  • Moves with the seat and is attached via the seat belt catch


The Drop Stop ®, which was conceived by inventors Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon, is designed to to prevent items from falling between the cracks and crevices in your Mustang. It’s made of a high-grade black neoprene material and fits between your Mustang’s car seats and center console. Installation is basic. You wedge the Drop Stop ® into place, which then closes up the gap between the center console and front seat. To be honest, I’m surprised it took so long for someone to dream up this product. In a nutshell, the Drop Stop ® is a basic solution to a common problem.

How it Works

As previously mentioned, installing The Drop Stop ® is very basic and requires no tools. The steps are as follows:
  1. Lean your car seat back to make for easier installation.
  2. Slide the Drop Stop ® hole over the Seat Belt Catch, then push the wedge into the seat gap.
  3. Push down the front of the Drop Stop ® into the seat gap; stretch and move it to fit.
  4. Make sure to slide the Drop Stop ® down far enough to expose the Seat Belt Catch.
  5. Slide the car seat back and forth; the Drop Stop ® should remain in place.
The company is quick to point out you should never try to install the Drop Stop ® when the car is in motion. That, my friends, is common sense.

Talking to the Inventors

After talking with a friend who had seen the Drop Stop ® commercial on television, I decided to set up an interview with the inventors. I had questions I hoped they could answer. Less than a week later we discussed the product over lunch.

Newburger kindly answered my first question, how he got the idea to create this product, by describing a near accident he had while driving his car. He explained, “While driving along the famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Calif., I was awaiting a very important call. To make sure I could grab the phone quickly and not have to dig it out of my pocket, I had placed it on the center console in my car waiting for it to ring. Well, it did ring, and unfortunately, it also vibrated, which knocked the phone off the console straight down into the crack. Normally, I would wait to pull over, but in a panic I was feverishly trying to dig my hand into the gap.”

“I took my eyes off the road for literally a second, and when I looked back up I had already veered right. I popped onto the sidewalk, almost hit a pedestrian, and came within 2 inches of smashing into a telephone pole.” Newburger recalled the event as though it had made a definite impact on his life. He continued, “In a fit of rage, shock, and embarrassment, I screamed at the top of my lungs, ‘Why doesn’t someone come up with something to block that crack!’ And at that instant, a light bulb brightened in my head.”

Newburger said he immediately called his business partner, Jeffrey Simon, and told him he had a great idea for a new product. During the call Newburger said he accidentally dropped the phone down the crack again. “I dropped the [phone] down the crack again! Only this time, it took me 3 minutes to fish it out! Little did we know it was the very beginning of a long journey.”

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