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How to Buy Winter Tires For Your Mustang

An Overview of Popular Winter Tires for the Late-Model Ford Mustang


Mustang Winter Tires
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Harsh road conditions during the winter can make it difficult to keep your Mustang on the road. If you must drive, one essential accessory for winter weather conditions are winter tires. These specially designed tires work to improve overall traction and grip on snow-covered roads.

Snow tires are offered in several different configurations. The two most popular are studded and studless-snow tires.

Studless Snow Tires

Studless snow tires are used for the majority of winter driving conditions. They are legal in all areas and are generally Q-speed rated for driving in both winter and dry conditions. The downside is they don’t handle quite as well as standard tires. Due to their set up, they must be purchased in a set of four.

Performance Studless Snow Tires

There are even winter tires designed for performance. Tires such as the Bridgestone Blizzak are designed to provide enhanced performance in dry conditions, as well as the ability to perform in winter weather conditions. These low-profile H- or V-speed rated tires are a good choice for Mustang owners in areas that get just a little snow each winter.

Studded Snow Tires

Studded tires, as the name suggests, feature a stud which improves grip. Unfortunately, these heavy-duty winter tires generally lack in the area of performance and fuel efficiency. Hence, they are designed for extremely harsh road conditions. These non- Q-, S-, or T-speed rated tires are often prohibited on public roads, so check with your local authorities before purchasing a set. Due to their set up, they must be purchased in a set of four.

Finding the Right Size

Various guides exist to help Mustang owners find the right size tires for their year of car. The following links list various tires and tire sizes available:

Popular Winter Tires for the Mustang

The following is a list of popular snow tires for late-model Mustangs. As always, do your research before you settle on any specific brand, and make sure the tires you purchase will fit your specific Mustang. This list is designed to provide you with an overview of winter tires for the Mustang. Check with the manufacturer or retailer to make sure they are appropriate for your specific model-year Mustang.

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