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New Products: Quaker State’s Defy Motor Oil

Quaker State Launches New Defy Motor Oil for High Mileage Engines


Quaker State Defy Motor Oil

Quaker State Defy Motor Oil

Photo Courtesy of Quaker State
On Wednesday November 2, 2011, the folks at Quaker State launched a new line of synthetic blend motor oil named Quaker State Defy. The product debut coincided with the 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the company, this new motor oil, which is designed for high mileage engines such as classic cars, features a high level of ZDDP, an anti-wear additive commonly referred to as “zinc.” This element is designed to help automotive enthusiasts, with higher mileage vehicles, combat friction and wear inside their engines. This “zinc-booster” has dual attributes contributing to wear and oxidation control.


  • Contains a proprietary “zinc-booster”
  • Works to combat friction and wear inside engines
  • Recommended for higher-mileage passenger vehicle engines
  • Available in the U.S. January 2012/ Canada April 2012

Features a Zinc Booster

According to Quaker state, the use of ZDDP in motor oil has seen a gradual decline since 2001. A reason for the decline has been to minimize or eliminate clogging of oxygen sensors and catalytic converters in newer cars due to volatile phosphorus. “We as an industry have seen the levels of zinc in motor oil consistently reduced in each successive gasoline engine specification implemented by ILSAC in the past few years,” said Jeff Hsu, Quaker State Technology Specialist. “This reduction of zinc is fine for drivers of newer vehicles, but is leaving classic car owners, enthusiasts and those with flat-tappet cams and followers with fewer and fewer options in the motor oil category.”

Quaker State says that, prior to 2001, the typical concentration was roughly 1,300 to 1,400 parts per million (ppm) of ZDDP. However, since 2001, modern passenger cars have required oils with lower viscosity to reduce power loss and increase gas mileage, but achieving these lower viscosities with higher concentrations of ZDDP is difficult.

Its Goal: Help Engines "Defy" Time

Jeff Andrews, director of engine operations for Hendrick Motorsports

Jeff Andrews, director of engine operations for Hendrick Motorsports

Photo Courtesy of Quaker State
The product’s tagline is, “Helps higher mileage engines defy time." According to the company, Defy is great for higher-mileage passenger vehicle engines, and will help control the wear that high-mileage engines typically endure. In fact, the new Quaker State Defy motor oil is said to prevent up to 98 percent of future wear through the use of the proprietary ZDDP additive.

Defy also is designed to help high-mileage engines perform more efficiently through the use of additional seal swell additive that reconditions dried-up seals and help control external and internal leaks. The motor oil is said to provide a thicker viscosity and stronger oil film to resist thermal breakdown and reduce oil volatility and burn-off, which should help increase compression and reduce blow-by. Blow-by happens when the explosion that occurs in your engine's combustion chamber forces fuel, air, and moisture past the rings into the crankcase.

“We have repeatedly heard enthusiasts and engine builders ask for more zinc or other solutions to their aggressive flat-tappet cam issues, and those requests did not fall on deaf ears,” said Chris Hayek, Quaker State Global Brand Manager. “What we have been able to come up with is a zinc additive that is more effective and enables us to do more with the oil itself.”

Engine Build Off

The About Mustangs team was given a preview of the new motor oil at a company sponsored “engine build off” at The Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Two teams, of nine automotive journalists, were given the task of building a completely new engine using the new Defy oil.

Special guest Jeff Andrews, director of engine operations for Hendrick Motorsports, was on hand to discuss the characteristics of the new motor oil, as the two teams battled it out in a race against the clock. About Mustangs' SEMA Show photographer, Thomas Bertrand, represented the About team. In all, our team completed the engine build in 35 minutes and 5 seconds. Moments later the new engine, filled with Quaker State Defy motor oil, was started up outside. Attendees covered their ears as both engines, ours and the one built by our opponent, came to life with a furious rumble.

Availability and Release Date

Quaker State Engine Build Team

About Mustangs photographer, Thomas Bertrand (second from left), represented the About team. In all, our team completed the engine build in 35 minutes and 5 seconds.

Photo Courtesy of Quaker State
Quaker State's Defy synthetic blend oil is said to work well with older and used cars. The company also notes that it is capable of running a full manufacturer-recommended drain interval during engine break-in and does not need to be drained after five hundred or a thousand miles, like some high-zinc break-in oils.

Quake State Defy will become available in January 2012 here in the United States. It will be offered in Canada beginning in April of 2012.

For more information about Quaker State products, please visit www.quakerstate.com.

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