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Barrett-Jackson's Steve Davis Talks Ford Mustangs

Mustangs and Barrett-Jackson


Steve Davis, President of Barrett-Jackson

Steve Davis, President of Barrett-Jackson

Photo Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson
Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson, took time out of his busy schedule to talk Mustangs with us for a bit. As Steve explains, the Mustang is a staple at Barrett-Jackson auctions.

About Mustangs: Tell me about the special Mustangs you had at the recent Barrett-Jackson Orange County Show.

Steve Davis: We had some pretty rare Mustangs. Ironically, the really rare Mustangs were the late model ones. That was indicative of how cool the late-model Mustangs really are. With their retro styling, and of course that new 5.0L, they’re incredible pieces of machinery.

We had the 2011 DUB Ford Mustang that sold for $102,000, with proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In addition to that, we had some of the Boss inspired late-model Parnelli Jones Mustangs that went over the block. Parnelli was actually there on stage with Steve Saleen as well as Bob Bondurant. One of those cars sold for charity as well. It sold for $120,000.

At Barrett-Jackson, the Mustang is a staple. It covers the spectrum of entry level to the really desirable high-end muscle cars. Cobra Jets all the way through to this new wave of collectibles. The Shelby is at the head of the pack as well. It’s a good sell for Mustangs all around.

About Mustangs: Any advice for someone wanting to sell a car at Barrett-Jackson?

Steve Davis: Barrett-Jackson is not just for the guy with unlimited resources. I’m very proud of the fact that Barett-Jackson has created a marketplace that’s as user friendly for entry-level people as it is for the experienced high-end collectors. In bringing people into that environment, knowing we attract the best buyers in the planet, we know we need to be car people, and we are. We are passionate car people. It’s something we really love. Whatever may be going on in your life, kids going to college, etc., you decide you need to sell your Mustang. There are a lot of options out there, and it’s a tough decision.

An efficient way to sell your Mustang is to appeal to people who are qualified. We pre-qualify every person who signs up to bid. We bring them there. We have something for everybody. We put it in the most competitive environment in the world. And when the smoke clears, you’re going to get what that car is worth that day. It may not be what you hoped for, or it may be more than you hoped for. It may be a grand slam home run, or it may be a single. At the end of the day, you can rest assured whatever the market is you’re going to realize it at Barrett-Jackson.

It’s a key component when you think about taking a tangible asset and needing to turn it into money in a real arms-length transaction with no smoke and mirrors. Knowing it’s going to be represented properly, it’s going to be promoted by the best promotional team on this planet. You put it out there, and at the end of the day you’ve established a value for the car. It’s very appealing to people who legitimately need to sell their car and want to get as much as they possibly can, realizing that the market is sometimes a very fickle place.

My advice, do your due diligence. If you’re thinking of putting your car into an auction, ask the right questions. Make sure it’s going to work for you for any potential seller.

Steve, how’s the Shelby Green Hornet Mustang doing?

Steve Davis: The Green Hornet is just such an incredible, special car. The car’s got a great history. It goes all the way back to Fred Goodell who was chief engineer for Shelby. He was actually the only guy, to my knowledge, who ever worked for Carroll from the inception of Shelby until the end in 1970 when things went away. I found the car, and actually bought it from the son of the Ford executive who ended up taking that thing out of the bone yard. The fellow who restored the car, I bonded with him. I put the car in a special collection I was working with at the time. It lived there for a while.

Right now it’s in Craig’s collection, but I’m still kind of the step-father. Actually, I’m the father; Craig’s the step-father! My bloodline is in that car. It’s such an amazing car. It represents such an important part of Shelby history with the fuel injection, independent rear suspension, all those innovations that we take for granted today. That was the test mule for all those things to happen. In fact, the car was actually a double prototype. It was also the prototype for a national consumption California Special Mustang. This was the car that represented that GT/CS look. After the concept car made the show circuit, it never got off the ground. It’s an extremely rare car.

About Mustangs: Do you have any other special cars?

Steve Davis: I was very fortunate, at the Palm Beach show a few years back, being able to call the 2003 Mustang GT concept car my own. They did a Silver Fastback and a Red Convertible. We sold them both. I ended up with one of them. What an incredible car. All hand built. Of course, you can’t put it on the street and drive it, but you can walk around and look at it!

Steve Davis is the President at Barrett-Jackson and serves as the driving force behind the company's tremendous success in attracting the industry's most desirable collector car inventory and retaining the industry's largest and most loyal customer base.

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