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What Color Ford Mustang is Most Popular?


A Horse of a Different Color

A Horse of a Different Color

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
1967 Playboy Pink Mustang

1967 Playboy Pink Mustang

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
2004 SVT Mustang

2004 SVT Mustang with color-shifting Mystichrome

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Question: I’ve always wondered what color Mustang has been the most popular over the years. Can you shed some light on this matter?

Answer: You’re not alone in your question of which Mustang color has been most popular over the years. Lucky for us, Ford Motor Company has released details regarding all the various colors they’ve offered over the years (See chart). According to historical production data provided by Marti Auto Works, red has been the most popular color. It makes up almost 21 percent of all Mustangs sold since the introduction of the Mustang back in April of 1964. That said, Ford reports that green and blue were the most popular colors in the 1960s, whereas black and red are the most popular colors sold today. In fact, twenty-two percent of all Mustangs sold in the past ten years have been red. Ford says that while white is the most popular colored car sold in the United States today, only 10 percent of Mustangs are sold in that color.

So back to the 1960s. In 1968 Ford offered six different versions of blue, resulting in 30 percent of all cars sold that year sporting a blue exterior. Green and yellow seem to be the least popular colors these days, and are often found on special-edition Mustangs.

Speaking of special-editions, quite a few special-edition colors have been offered over the years. We’re talking about Playboy Pink, color-shifting Mystichrome (found on the 2004 SVT Cobra), and Gotta Have It Green. Some special-edition Mustangs are known for their specific exterior colors, such as the Bullitt Mustang's signature Highland Green exterior. In another example, the special-edition 2013 Boss 302 Mustang was offered with a School Bus Yellow exterior.

“Our Mustang owners are passionate about their cars, and the exterior paint color they choose invokes an emotional response to the vehicle,” said Melanie Banker, Ford Mustang marketing manager. “Mustang owners buy a vehicle in School Bus Yellow or Grabber Blue because it reflects what they want their Mustang to say to the world about them.”

No doubt, Mustang owners are passionate about the color of their ride. Several clubs and registries exist for Mustang owners of specific vehicle colors. For instance, there’s the Yellow Mustang Registry which is dedicated to the owners and enthusiasts of yellow Mustangs. Founded in 2001, the registry has more than 8,932 members and 8,984 registered vehicles worldwide, and has hosted more than 60 events since its founding. The yellow Mustangs in the registry range from early Springtime Yellow, offered 1965-66, to Zinc Yellow, introduced in 2000.

Then there’s the All Red Mustangs. Their website, AllRedMustangs.Com, is devoted to “Ford Mustangs 1964-present – as long as it’s red." In all, the club has more than 1,300 members across 14 countries. Steve Schattem, president and owner, AllRedMustangs.com said, “Your car is an extension of you and embraces your personality. I think red has become more popular over the years since the Mustang became America’s muscle car.” He added, “Color registries are a great way to bring people with a commonality together. It’s another way to share a common bond.”

Sources: Ford Motor Company and Marti Auto Works

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