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Gas Mileage and Your Ford Mustang

Mileage Over the Years, EPA Estimates, and Gas Saving Tips


Gas Mileage and Your Ford Mustang
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Have you put gas in your Mustang recently? Gasoline has risen to all-time highs in the past few years. According to U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost of regular unleaded gasoline in December of 2007 was $3.02 per gallon. Just 10 years earlier, in December of 1997, the average price was $1.17 per gallon. Go back in time even further to 1987, and you’re looking at an average cost of .96 per gallon of gasoline. It’s easy to see the days of $1.00 a gallon gasoline are gone.

Let’s do another comparison. Let’s examine the gas mileage of the Ford Mustang according to the new Federal EPA gas mileage estimates. In 2007 owners of a Mustang GT (4.6L engine) with manual transmission could expect to get somewhere in the area of 15 city/23 hwy. In 1997 owners of new Mustang GT (4.6L engine) manual transmission could expect to get 15 city/24 hwy. Take a look at the 1987 Ford Mustang GT (4.9L) with stick shift, and you’re looking at 15 city/22 hwy.

Bottom line, although gas prices have risen at an alarming rate, not a lot has changed in regard to the amount of mileage a Mustang get can out of a gallon of gasoline. Similar to worker salaries and the cost of living, mileage increases have shown little change, while the cost of gasoline has more than tripled in the past 20 years.

So where does all of that money go? According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration, the break down for a gallon of gas is as follows:

December 2007 Breakdown: $3.02/gallon

  • 13% taxes
  • 11% distribution & marketing
  • 8% refining
  • 68% crude oil
(Source: 2007 Energy Information Administration)

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