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Mustang Ink Pays Homage to Ford’s Iconic Pony Car

Enthusiasts and their Mustang Tattoos


Ford Mustang Tattoo

Ford Mustang enthusiasts show off their pride in a variety of ways. Kent Knox's 5.0 tattoo is a great example.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
Johnny Mariotti Mustang Tattoo

Johnny Mariotti's Mustang tattoo features Vaughn Gitten Jr.’s custom 1969 Mustang RTR-X.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
Johnny Mariotti's Tattoo

A close up of Johnny Mariotti's 1969 Mustang RTR-X tattoo.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Ford Mustang enthusiasts show off their pride in a variety of ways. Some show their cars off at car shows. Others get together with local car clubs each week to talk about their favorite ride. Some, such as yours truly, write about the Mustang, and others, well others are committed in a way that is forever and a day. We’re talking about Mustang tattoos.

As part of their build up to the Mustang’s 50th Anniversary, Ford Motor Company recently highlighted the topic of Mustang tattoos. The company has been discussing a new theme each week for the past few months. 

Enthusiasts Show off their Body Art

In their most recent discussion, that being Mustang tattoos, the company highlighted the popular Facebook page Ford and Mustang Tattoos. In all, the group has more than 1,600 followers from around the world.

One of the page’s fans, Kent Knox, said, “What better way to show your love for Mustang than a tattoo. I love Mustangs and wanted to show everyone. Plus, it’s a pretty sweet tattoo.” He added, “I’m passing on my love for Mustang to my two boys. One day, I hope to have a Mustang project car that we can restore together. That would be my dream come true.”

Knox, a 35 year old die-hard enthusiast who grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, has a tattoo with the words Mustang 5.0, matched with the famous running pony, on his right arm. The tattoo pays homage to his favorite Mustang off all time, the 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible.

Another enthusiast, 36-year-old Johnny Mariotti from Chicago has a tattoo of Vaughn Gitten Jr.’s custom 1969 Mustang RTR-X. The design, which appears on his left forearm, conveys Mariotti’s deep admiration for the Mustang. “It is a lifestyle and personality,” said Mariotti. “There is a camaraderie that separates us from import car enthusiasts or Chevy, for example. We are a humble group, because we represent the car for the everyday guy.”

Looking back, some of you might remember Daniel Verlarde, a Los Angeles student who went to famed artist Adam Forman, at High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, to get a custom tattoo that would match the graphics on his brand new 2010 Mustang. Ford, as part of their ‘10 Unleashed’ program, joined in to help make Verlarde’s dream come true.

While Verlarde was having his arm inked, Luis Lopez, an artist who has more than 10 years of experience in custom paintwork, was busy painting Verlarde’s custom ride to match the tattoo. The finished product was the talk of the town; the tattoo and the Mustang.

"I wanted a tattoo artist to design a 2010 Mustang tattoo and I wanted the creation to be brought to life with the customization of an actual 2010 Mustang," said Verlarde. "This way, I could be a part of the car and the car would always be a part of me. My dream came true."

Mustang Tattoos are Popular Online Culture

Mustang enthusiasts looking to share photos of the Mustang tattoos will find numerous discussion forums online. One Google search of “Ford Mustang Tattoos” brought up many different discussion threads, from “New Mustang Tattoo: Give Me Your Opinion” to “Mustang Tattoo Ideas.”

No doubt, there are plenty of enthusiasts out there getting, thinking of getting, or sharing an interest in tattoos of the Ford Mustang.

Getting a Mustang Tattoo

Thinking of getting a Mustang tattoo? As with anything that will become a permanent part of your body (and life), it pays to do your research. About.Com’s Tattoo expert Jodie Michalak says, “Tattoos are permanent markings and with that comes great decision and thought.” That said, think long and hard before you commit. Once you’re in, you’re in for life! To learn more about getting your first tattoo, visit Jodie Michalak’s First Tattoo FAQ section.

Show Us Your Mustang Tattoo

Do you have a Mustang tattoo? Send us a photo! We’ll add it to our upcoming Mustang tattoos photo gallery for all to see.


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