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1970 Ford Mustang Model Year Profile

The Times They Are A-Changing


1970 Ford Mustang

1970 Ford Mustang

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
Show Us Your 1970 Mustang

In 1970, the Beatles broke up, President Nixon promised to gradually remove troops from Vietnam, and Doors front man Jim Morrison was tried in Miami, Fla. on alleged lewd and lascivious behavior. No doubt, times were changing, and Ford’s Mustang was no exception.

While the 1970 model year changed in a few subtle ways, a noticeable change was the exit of the classic Shelby Mustang, which was offered for the final time in 1970. While the Shelby Mustang did make its way to buyers, the car was actually a carryover from the previous 1969 model year, legally marked with 1970 VINs. Shelby had terminated his partnership with Ford in the summer of 1969. The cars were modified slightly to include a front chin spoiler and black stripes on the hood. As for the Mustang GT, it was missing from the lineup entirely. It wouldn’t return until 1982.

1970 Ford Mustang Production Stats

Convertible: 7,673 units
Fastback: 45,934 units
Coupe: 82,569 units
Coupe Grande: 13,581 units

As for those subtle changes, the 1970 Mustang featured headlights built into the grille, with horizontal scoops on either side. With the exception of the Mach 1 Mustang, the car featured the famous tri-color pony emblem in the center of the grille. In addition, the front side marker lamps appeared on the front fenders, and the car featured recessed rear taillights in the back. The interior sported a new steering wheel and a Decor Group option to spruce things up a bit. High back bucket seats were standard. In all, the changes were minimal to say the least. One thing is for sure. The popularity of the Boss Mustang, and the Mach 1, resulted in less overall enthusiasm for the Shelby Mustang.

Total Production: 191,239 units

Special Models Boss 429: 499 units
Boss 302: 7,013 units
Mach 1 Fastback: 40,970 units
Shelby Mustang: 636 units

Retail Prices:
$3,025 Standard Convertible
$2,721 Standard Coupe
$2,771 Standard Fastback
$3,271 Mach 1 Fastback
$2,721 Standard Coupe
$2,926 Grande’ Coupe
$3,720 Boss 302
$4,928 Boss 429
$4,753 GT350 Convertible
$5,027 GT500 Convertible
$4,434 GT350 Fastback
$4,709 GT500 Fastback

As for its engine lineup, the 390 was no longer available in 1970. Available options included the 120 horsepower 200cid 6 cylinder 1V, the 155 horsepower 250cid 1V 6 cylinder, the 220 horsepower 302cid 2V V8, 290 horsepower 302cid 4V V8 (Boss), 250 horsepower 351cid 2V V8 (351W & 351C), 300 horsepower 351cid 4V V8, 355 horsepower 428cid 4V V8 (Cobra Jet), 335 horsepower 428cid 4V V8 (CJ-R), and the 375 horsepower 429cid 4V V8 (Boss).

1970 Model-Year Highlights

  • Dual Headlights Built into the Grille
  • Horizontal Scoops on Either Side
  • Front Side Marker Lamps Appeared on the Front Fenders
  • No GT Model Was Available
  • 390 Engine was Removed from Lineup
  • Last Year of the Classic Shelby Mustang

Engine configurations for 1970:

  • Engine Code T: 200cid 1V 6-cyl 120 @ hp
  • Engine Code L: 250cid 2V V8 @ 155 hp
  • Engine Code F: 302cid 2V V8 @ 220 hp
  • Engine Code G: 302cid 4V V8 @ 290 hp Boss
  • Engine Code H: 351cid 2V V8 @ 250 hp 351W & 351C
  • Engine Code M: 351cid 4V V8 @ 300 hp
  • Engine Code Q: 428cid 4V V8 @ 335 hp Cobra Jet
  • Engine Code R: 428cid 4V V8 @ 335 hp Cobra Jet-R
  • Engine Code Z: 429cid 4V V8 @ 375 hp Boss

Vehicle Identification Number Decoder

Example VIN #0F04F100001

0=Last digit of Model Year (1970)
F=Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)
04=Body code (01-Coupe, 02-Fastback, 03-Convertible, 04-Grandé, 05-Mach 1)
F=Engine Code
100001=Consecutive Unit Number

Exterior Colors: Bright Gold Metallic, Calypso Coral, Dark Ivy Green Metallic, Grabber Blue, Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Light Ivy Yellow, Medium Blue Metallic, Medium Gold Metallic, Medium Lime Metallic, Pastel Blue, Raven Black, Red Silver Blue Metallic, Yellow, Wimbledon White

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