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Profile: The 2013 Boss 302 Ford Mustang

Boss 1970 Heritage Revisited with New Graphics and Enhancements


The 2013 Boss 302 Ford Mustang

The most notable change for the new model year is a hockey stick graphics package. Featuring reflective stripes, the package is added to the new Boss, calling back the 1970 Boss 302.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
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Ford’s historic Boss 302 Mustang, which returned to the Mustang lineup for the 2012 model year, will complete its two year run in the 2013 model year. Two options will again be offered; the standard Boss 302 or the special-edition Boss Laguna Seca package.

The most notable change for the new model year is a hockey stick graphics package. Featuring reflective stripes, the package is added to the new Boss, reminiscent of those found on the 1970 Boss 302. In addition, 2013 Boss 302 and Boss Laguna Seca models will feature a new School Bus Yellow exterior paint option, honoring Parnelli Jones’ 1970 Trans-Am championship car prepared by Bud Moore.

“Everything we did for 2013 is consistent with and links directly back to our 1970 heritage. The reflective stripes and hockey stick graphic in particular mean something to Mustang enthusiasts,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “Last year, we proved the car had what it takes to perform, and this year we focused on enhancing its eye-catching looks and celebrating its history.”


  • Features new reflective hockey stick graphics
  • New School Bus Yellow Exterior Paint Option
  • Sterling Gray accents on Boss Laguna Seca
  • Ford SYNC connectivity system becomes a standard Boss feature for 2013
Ford says the reflective stripes on the 2013 Boss Mustang come to life when lights hit them, similar to how they did in 1970 on the Mustang Boss 302. The new stripe follows the classic hockey stick motif by going over the fender and extending down the body panel. Of note, the 2013 Boss 302 will not feature contrasting-color roofs found on the 2012 models.

In addition to an optional Track Apps package, which lets drivers access information related to fuel economy and vehicle performance, the Boss 302 Mustang will now feature the Ford SYNC connectivity system as standard equipment.

Some features of SYNC include:

  • Hands-free, voice-activated calling via a Bluetooth®-connected mobile phone and control of a USB-connected digital music player
  • 911 Assist™, the automated emergency calling service that is free for the life of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Health Report, the on-demand diagnostic and maintenance information service
The grille of the 2013 Boss 302 Mustang has also been slightly modified for the new model year. Ford says the front end offers a more powerful design with a more prominent grille. A more powerful splitter and functional hood extractors add to that look. Even better, the 2013 Boss Mustang has new signature lighting, with standard HID headlamps and LED-surround taillamps, similar to those found on other 2013 Mustangs. In the back, the Boss features a high-gloss black panel that connects the taillamps. The taillamps appear smoked in appearance.

Power and Performance

Under the hood, the 2013 Boss 302 Mustang still cranks out 444 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque thanks to its modified 5.0L V8 engine. A race-inspired clutch with upgraded friction materials transmits power, while a short-throw, close-ratio six-speed manual handles gear change duties. In addition, the car features a 3.73-ratio rear axle. A torque-sensing (Torsen) limited-slip differential, matched with Recaro front seats, is available for buyers who want even more precise control over power delivery.

The car features a modified suspension, with higher-rate coil springs on all four corners, stiffer suspension bushings and a larger-diameter rear stabilizer bar. In addition, the Boss Mustang is lowered by 11 millimeters in front and 1 millimeter at the rear versus Mustang GT. Most notably, the Boss 302 features adjustable shocks and struts as standard equipment.

Power meets the road thanks to lightweight 19-inch black alloy racing wheels in staggered widths: 9 inches in front, 9.5 inches in the rear. The Boss Mustang’s Pirelli PZero summer tires are sized specifically for each end of the car. The front wheels feature 255/40ZR-19 tires, while the rear wheels sport 285/35ZR-19 Pirellis.

No doubt, the car was designed to be fast and precise, but what about braking power? Well, the 2013 Boss 302 Mustang features Brembo four-piston calipers acting on 14-inch vented rotors up front. The rear features standard Mustang GT brakes upgraded with a Boss-specific high-performance pad compound. Ford says the combination of vented brake shields and unique Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) tuning gives Boss drivers maximum control and rapid, repeatable fade-free stops in road and race situations alike. As with the 2012 model, the 2013 Boss Mustang will feature a unique quad exhaust designed to create plenty of rumble on the road.

The Boss Laguna Seca package comes equipped with brake-cooling ducts, a custom front-air splitter to help with downforce, TORSEN helical differential 3.73:1 axle ratio, exclusive 19-inch red-painted wheels, and R-compound tires. It also features RECARO cloth sport seats with embroidered BOSS 302 logo, a three gauge package (to monitor engine temperature, oil pressure and track numbers) and rear seat delete with cross-car X-brace.

Pricing and Availability

The Boss 302 will start at $42,995, with the Laguna Seca model starting at $49,990. These prices have been adjusted to include a $750 destination fee. The car should become available in the Spring of 2012. The 2013 Boss Ford Mustang will be built at AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Mich.

Source: Ford Motor Company

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