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2010 ROUSH Mustang Lineup

Jack's Mean Machines Redesigned for 2010


2010 ROUSH Mustang Lineup

2010 ROUSH 427R Coupe

Photo Courtesy of ROUSH Performance
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On March 18, 2009 Jack Roush unveiled his new line of 2010 performance Ford Mustangs to the masses. Enthusiasts from all over the world watched the reveal both in person at the Livonia, Mich. headquarters and online via a live Webcast.

In all, Roush reported it took engineers and designers only 11 months to design the new ROUSH Mustang. This record setting time goes to show how much an eager company can achieve in a very limited amount of time. At the March reveal Roush said, “It was last April that the conceptual drawings for the ROUSH 2010 Mustang were approved. That kicked off everything that needed to be done in order to get this vehicle ready for production. We wanted to be as close to having our car available to the same time that the dealers would start to get their inventory of the stock Ford 2010 Mustang, so there were a lot of people at ROUSH working under a very tight deadline.” Roush added, “I’m proud to say that we accomplished everything that needed to be done in 11-months, a record development curve for a ROUSH vehicle.” The company reports that 11,600 man hours were invested into the initial designs, clay modeling, styling, CAD drafting, and Class A surfacing. That calculates out to 5.6 years of time.

The 2010 ROUSH Mustang lineup will consist of the following vehicles:

  • Stage 1: Appearance Package, $34,847
  • Stage 2: Appearance Package, Suspension Package, $36,221
  • Stage 3: Appearance Package, Suspension Package, Engine Package $59,945
  • 427R: Appearance Package, Suspension Package, ROUSHCharger, $47,296
  • 540RH: Suspension Package, Engine Package $46,145
Roush says the 2010 Stage 1 Mustang will consist of an appearance package featuring a new front fascia and front splitter, rear fascia, side splitters, and a three-piece rear wing. The suggested MSRP for this model of 2010 ROUSH Mustang will start at $34,847. As with all 2010 ROUSH Mustangs, it will come equipped with 18-inch cast chrome wheels riding on high-performance Cooper Zeon tires. Roush says a new 20-inch cast chrome wheel is an available option.

The Stage 2 Mustang will feature the same appearance package as the Stage 1. In addition, it will include an all-new suspension package designed to enhance the handling of the vehicle. Roush says their engineering team has driven tens of thousands of miles on the streets and tracks to create the best blend of comfort and handling, and claim that this is the best suspension package they have come up with yet for the Mustang. Pricing for the Stage 2 package begins at $36,221 MSRP.

The top dog of the initial 2010 ROUSH Mustang lineup was the ROUSH 427R Mustang, although the 540hp Stage 3 and 540RH "Sleeper" Mustangs, released in the Fall of 2009, proved to be even more powerful. The 427R power horse, capable of producing 435 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, features the company’s ROUSHcharger. Even though many of the 4.6L, 3V powertrain components are a carryover from those used on 2005-2009 ROUSH Mustangs, Roush says drivers will notice much more refinement and OEM-level quality materials and appearance on the new ROUSHcharged engines.

That said, there are many differences in the ROUSH 2010 427R Mustang compared to previous years. Most of the changes are beneath the hood. For starters, the long air induction tube that once wrapped around the engine was eliminated in hopes of making a much cleaner appearance under the hood. The company also says the intercooler reservoir has more than twice the volume of previous generations, and the intercooler itself is a single core cross-flow radiator which means more efficient cooling. It is substantially larger than on prior model years, and is now raised higher off the ground which should offer much less potential for road debris damage. The ROUSH 427R Mustang has an MSRP starting at $47,296 . Every ROUSH Mustang leaving the Livonia factory will feature a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty.

When asked about his new Mustangs, Roush said, “I’ve driven every generation of ROUSH Mustangs and there is no question that these cars keep improving over the years. Our engineering teams never sit back and say,’That’s it. We are done working on this now.’ They continually refine the components, whether it is in the engine, suspension, or any other part of the car. They are always thinking and testing and improving and creating the ultimate Mustang for the muscle car enthusiast. I think that there is no doubt that the ROUSH 2010 Mustang is our finest effort yet.”

According to reports, Roush plans to use one as his personal vehicle while traveling the NASCAR circuit.

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