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Profile: The 2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang

Five New Custom Colors and Plenty of Optional Goodies


2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang

ROUSH can provide a custom color design consultation for the 2013 model year.

Photo Courtesy of ROUSH Performance
This August, ROUSH Performance announced the return of their Premier Edition Stage 3 Ford Mustang. The car, which first appeared in the company’s 2012 vehicle lineup, features painted stripes, Premier Edition side badges, vehicle-matching interior elements, as well as horsepower and suspension enhancements.

At the time of its initial introduction, Jack Roush said, “The Premier Edition is all about power, performance and styling. The ROUSH Performance tuned exhaust system lets your neighbors know that you’re driving some high-performance American Muscle!”

Limited to 25 Total

In all, only 25 of the limited-edition “Premier Edition” ROUSH Mustangs will be produced. The cars feature exterior paint from Sherwin Williams Automotive. Buyers can select from one of twelve different body colors, with five of these being new for 2013. These new colors include Iridescence, Punch it Purple, Cabernet, V8 Red, and Launch it Lemon. ROUSH Performance says the primary and secondary graphic colors are offered in all 12 main body colors as well as six additional colors including Gloss Black, Matte Black Jack, Motor City Iron, Sin City Silver, Red-Blooded American, and Light Gold.

According to the company, ROUSH can provide a custom color design consultation for the 2013 model year. The consultation with the ROUSH design team, prior to build, takes place at ROUSH Performance Speed Shop in Plymouth, Michigan.

In addition to its unique color offerings, the “Premier Edition” Stage 3 features a custom ROUSH R6 Aerobody kit, as well as a high flow front grille with an ultra high flow lower grille opening. It also sports rocker panel side splitters, a custom rear diffuser design, a rear aero valance, and front fascia chin splitters.

Performance Upgrades

Out on the road the car produces a mean 565 horsepower and 505 ft-lb of torque. This is all thanks to its 5.0L V8 engine which is equipped with a ROUSH R2300 TVS Supercharger. Not enough power for you? Well, you’re in luck. The company also offers an optional post-title upgrade which produces 625 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque. No doubt, that’s some respectable ponies!

The car also comes with a custom ROUSH suspension and wheel package, as well as optional brake upgrades. The car’s 20-inch wheels are available in either chrome or hyper black. It’s stopping power is provided thanks to its 4-piston brakes, available with either red or black painted calipers. It’s also equipped with 14-inch rotors. An optional 6-piston brake upgrade is available.

Other Options

Other options include a convertible light bar, a trunk mounted tool kit, and quarter window louvers.

As an added bonus, buyers of the “Premier Edition” ROUSH will also get:

  • 2 Premier Colored Polo/Golf Shirts
  • An Autographed Framed Picture of your Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang
  • A VIP NASCAR Experience from Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes that will provide you with 2 tickets, 2 pit passes, and garage access to the race you choose (Hotel and Airfare Not Included)
Vehicle Warranty

The 2013 Premier Edition ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang is backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile drivetrain warranty. Of note, models equipped with the optional 625 horsepower post-title upgrade come with a powertrain ROUSH parts only warranty.

For more information, including pricing, visit your local ROUSH Performance Dealer, or go to the Official ROUSH Performance Website.

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