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Saleen Gurney Signature Edition Mustang

Dan Gurney's #2 Mustang is Reborn For a New Generation


Saleen Gurney Signature Edition Mustang
Photo © Saleen


  • Production Total: 300 (100 Torch Red, 100 Performance White, 100 Vista Blue)
  • Power: Supercharged 281 cubic-inch V8 engine w/465 hp
  • Photo Gallery

Dan Gurney, the American race car driver, race car builder, and race team owner, knows a thing or two about high-speed performance. After all, he’s one of only several American born racers to ever win the Formula One Grand Prix. In his career Gurney raced in the Trans-Am Series, Indy Car, Can-Am, even NASCAR. So what do you get when you bring together a guru such as Gurney and a car such as the Ford Mustang? You get a 465 hp Mustang racer that’s packed full of power and easy on the eyes.

The Introduction

On March 19th 2008, Saleen Inc. publicly announced it had partnered with automotive legend Dan Gurney to create the Saleen Gurney Signature Edition Mustang. The announcement was made at a press conference at the 2008 New York International Auto Show in New York City. This limited-edition Mustang features Saleen's 465 hp Supercharged 281 cubic-inch V8 engine, a short throw shifter, and a 3.73 Max Grip rear axle. The car also features a specially tuned Racecraft suspension, Generation-II Watts-Link Rear End, and Pirelli Corsa tires. Saleen Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer Chris Theodore said, “Dan Gurney has always been about business on the track. His cars were light, fast and handled like they were on rails. I’ll admit we added a little weight when we added the blower to this car, but you will be shocked at how this car cuts through a corner.”

The Interior and Exterior

The interior of the vehicle boasts custom two-tone seats that feature either blue or red Alcantara inserts as well as the Gurney Eagle logo on the steering wheel. The logo is placed in several other select locations within the car as well. As a finishing touch, each car features Dan Gurney's signature on the center of the dash.

The vehicle's exterior was designed to resemble Gurney's 1969 Trans Am series Boss 302 Mustang. It features a Gurney Edition body kit, duck bill rear spoiler, and a stinger style hood. To make the car even more recognizable in a crowd, Saleen added racing graphics and die cut Gurney Eagle insignia.

Racing legend Dan Gurney said, "I am pleased that they could make a car that is so beautiful but still so true to my old race car. At the end of the day, all I really want is a car that is faster than Parnelli’s." Saleen General Manager Marques McCammon added, "This is likely the best all around 281 supercharged car that Saleen has ever built."

Limited Production

Only 300 of the vehicles will be created. The car will be available in Torch Red, Performance White, or Vista Blue colors. 100 of each color will be produced. Production is set to begin in April of 2008, with vehicles making their way to select dealerships later in the month.
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