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The 2014 Saleen SA-30 Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger

Special-Edition Cars Usher in 30 Years of Saleen


The 2014 Saleen SA-30 Mustang

The 30th Anniversary 2014 Saleen SA-30 Mustang

Photo Courtesy of Saleen
The 30th Anniversary Saleen SA-30 Camaro

The 30th Anniversary Saleen SA-30 Camaro

Photo Courtesy of Saleen

Saleen Automotive, the performance car company known for its insanely fast Mustangs, has announced they will celebrate 30 years of Saleen history with the release of a special-edition Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger. The cars, named the Saleen SA-30 vehicles, were designed to showcase Saleen’s racing heritage. They made their debut at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show in Los Angeles, Calif.

"Through our automotive passion we celebrate every day that we are able to continue to design, develop, and produce the cars that we manufacture", said Steve Saleen, founder of Saleen Automotive. "Once every five years, I celebrate the achievements with the automotive community through a commemorative vehicle."

The company says that, as the sixth edition of the SA series, the new SA-30 vehicles will likely be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. In all, only 10 of each vehicle will be produced, resulting in a total of 30 anniversary cars.

Saleen History Inside and Out

Each anniversary edition SA-30 vehicle will feature a custom 'Tire Smoke' pearl white Saleen paint job with Speedlab yellow and black painted components. The company’s goal was to create a distinct paint design that is instantly recognizable as a Saleen product. The cars will also feature color matched pearl white Saleen wheels.

On the inside, the SA-30 vehicles will come equipped with black leather and white perforated alcantara seats. Those looking for something more can opt for a complete interior reconfiguration in the form of a 2-seater Fastback setup. With this option, Saleen completely removes the rear seat and rear deck. Then the company works to create a true racecar type interior transformation, with custom formed panels to separate the cabin from the trunk area. This includes the addition of a race style cross-brace that ties in to the rear shock towers.

"When we began exploring some new Saleen styling that we wanted to debut with the SA-30 vehicles, we knew that we wanted something that spoke of our 'Born of Racing' heritage and a rear seat delete came as a natural choice for the SA-30", said Sean Smith, Design Director. "Through the fastback design and we were able to add a lot of refinement to the interior while still retaining the racecar environment."

Saleen Frost-Touch Glass Technology

While the SA-30 vehicles play up Saleen’s racing history, they aren’t stuck there. These new racers will be equipped with plenty of modern tech goodies. Saleen says buyers of the Saleen SA-30 302 model will have the option of purchasing a Saleen panoramic roof featuring Saleen Frost-Touch Glass. Talk about high tech. The Saleen Frost-Touch Glass technology uses suspended particle technology, with an electric current, to energize and align otherwise randomly placed particles. In turn, this allows drivers to change the color of the roof from translucent to opaque with the touch of a button. Talk about a “nice touch!”

"With past models, the panoramic glass roof was a fantastic compliment to any Saleen vehicle, but our number one request was to develop a way to shade the glass without having to apply standard tint or add interior hardware", said Sven Etzelsberger, VP of Engineering. "We began working with this technology some time ago and it has come to the point where we are able to completely frost the rear window to the panoramic glass roof almost instantaneous."

No doubt, the SA-30 truly is high tech.

Power and Performance

As for power, each supercharged Saleen SA-30 vehicle will be a mover and a shaker. According to the company, the Saleen SA-30 Mustang will produce up to 625 horsepower. The cars will ride on a Saleen suspension package, with stopping power being delivered by a set of yellow powder-coated Saleen big brakes.

Pricing and Availability

It’s no surprise; each Saleen special-edition SA-30 vehicle is priced for the most serious of buyers. How much are we talking about? Well, Saleen says MSRP for each car is set at $95,000 before options. The entire vehicle run will consist of ten SA-30 Camaros, ten SA-30 Challengers, and ten SA-30 Mustangs.

If you’re interested in owning one of these bad boys, you’ll need to place an order with your local Saleen dealer pronto. You can also contact  Saleen directly for a personalized ordering process which concludes at the nearest Saleen Authorized Dealership. For more information visit www.saleen.com.

Source: Saleen Automotive

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