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Terlingua Shelby Mustang Photo Gallery

Shelby's New V6 Performance Package


In 2007, Shelby introduced the Terlingua Mustang at the SEMA Show. The Shelby package was available in two varieties: Terlingua V6 Performance Pack or Terlingua V6 Base Pack.

The Base Pack ($7,995 and up) features a Ford Racing Performance kit with cold-air intake, dual exit performance exhaust, and a performance engine calibration. You also get a Ford Racing Short Throw transmission shifter, Ford Racing Suspension Package, and 18-inch 5-spoke rims, among other goodies. A Shelby fiberglass deep-draw hood, hood pins kit, black Shelby striping, and the Terlingua sticker package are also included.

The performance pack ($18,995 and up) kicks things up a notch. You get the Base pack, plus a Paxton Supercharger (375 hp), Borla side exhaust, 20-inch American Racing Razor wheels, Baer 6-piston big brake kit, and Shelby Gauge Pod with boost gauge.

For more info, contact Shelby American.

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Terlingua Racing Team MustangTerlingua Mustang at the 2008 Knottsberry Farm ShowTerlingua Mustang Rear ViewTerlingua Mustang Sticker Package
Terlingua Social DirectorShelby Terlingua SEMA Show 2007 Debut
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