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Jim's SVO Mustangs

Submit an Entry: Show us Your Ford Mustang

By Jimnva

Jim's SVO Mustangs

86 SVO 4k Miles

Jim's SVO Mustangs

My 2 86 SVO's

Year and Make of My Ford Mustang

1986 Mustang SVO

How Long Have you Owned Your Mustang?

7 months

Where did you find your Mustang?


Modifications and Features

This car is a totally stock right down to the tires. I have replaced the battery and a new heater core was added.

What makes it special?

I have always liked the SVO, mainly because it's a rare car with lots of unique features. Most people have no idea what is! In its day, this 4-cylinder turbo was as fast as and handled/stopped better than the 5.0 Mustang GT. It was also the first Fox body Mustang to have 4 wheel disc brakes, 5 lugs and 16-inch wheels. Not too exciting by today's standards, however, for 84-86 it was really wild.


  • Even though only 9k SVO's were made within a 3 year run, you can still find some in good shape. It's much harder to find low mileage originals. Mine has 4,600 miles. Body parts including bumper covers marker lights and interior parts are not that easy to find.

Jonathan Lamas, About.com Mustangs, says:

The SVO was a great piece of Mustang history. Nice rides! Thanks for sharing.

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