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Readers Respond: What's your favorite Ford Mustang road trip story?

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Do you have a favorite Ford Mustang road trip story? Where did you go and what made it so special? Tell us all about it.

45th Mustang Anniversary

My wife and I, plus some Mustang Club of Maryland, drove to the 45th Mustang Anniversary in 2009. It rained the whole way down and back but the weather was perfect for the event. I had a chance to drove on the Barber Motorsport track and had a blast. I met Alan Mulally President/CEO of Ford. I met John Clor of Ford Racing, and Vaughn Gittin Jr, drifting driver. I found out he only livex 5 mins from me. My wife and I can't wait for the Mustang 50th Anniversary in 2014. We have attended the 35, 40 ,45 Anniversaries of the Best Muscle car ever built without stopping production for 50 years.
—Guest dan heagy

East Coast to Illinois

In June of 2004, I took off from my lovely duty station of Quantico, VA and had to be back in a couple days for duty. At the time I had a 96' stock GT and people were hyping about those Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Additions. Well, driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania, I found one of these on the road. The guy driving and I raced for over a hundred miles until I signaled to pull over because I needed gas. This guy pulls over and comes right over to me to see what I did to my car to have been able to walk away from him over and over again. I told him, "This car is bone stock except for a K&N air filter." lol! His expression was priceless and I've never forgotten it to this day! I've taken a few road trips in a Mustang and honestly, there is nothing like it. This Saturday, I'm heading out to Chicago from RI and I'll start road trip number 4 in a Ford Mustang. Let the adventure begin! =)
—Guest Mustangbrenna84

Convertible time

I promised my wife when we got married that someday I would buy her a new red convertible. When the new Mustang came out in 2005, I knew this was the one. I bought the first Torch Red GT convertible in the Richmond area. It had a black top and red and black interior; exactly like the picture in the brochure. We had only been married 42 years when she finally got her convertible. I wasn't sure how she would handle the 5-speed, but it was not a problem. We had a ball in it all summer long, but then came winter and Richmond in the winter is not convertible weather. In March we were really getting antsy to pop the top, so we headed to Key West, Florida. What a trip. We have pictures in front of the buoy at the Southernmost point of the U.S., pictures all over Key West, and along the road at other keys, all with the top down. Then we went to Daytona Beach, left the hotel early, drove to beach entrance, drove to front of our hotel on the sand. What a fun trip. Going back in April.

A Mustang in Name Only

We bought a 14-year-old Mustang (a 1980) from a private seller, a state police detective no less. It was in good condition, but it said cheap all over. The seats looked like they were stolen from a Ford Pinto. Being a four cylinder with automatic, acceleration was next to none. I'm sure a five-speed stick would have been a lot more fun and less intimidating; you were afraid of being rear-ended. We took it on a day trip which included a good stretch of interstate. Once you got up to speed, this poor excuse for a Mustang could run 70 mph without working a sweat. The cheap-looking vinyl bucket seats, which sat a little higher than sporty buckets, were surprisingly comfy. This car was a pretty decent highway cruiser, but a poor excuse for a Mustang.

Cross Canada in a 85 Red GT

In June of 1985 I was preparing to take one of my yearly marathon drives around North America. Since I was taking delivery of my new Mustang, what better way to break it in than a 6000 mile trip! We left Niagara Falls, Ont. and headed NNW through Toronto north to catch the Trans Canada Hwy.(TCH), Via Barrie, and Sudbury and finally the first night in Wawa, Ont. We passed magnificent forests and sparkling lakes till we arrived at L. Superior...Wow! The next day we drove the cliffs along Superior and on to Kenora. A cop tracked me for 50+ miles...no luck! From Winnipeg, Man. through Regina, Sas. and on to Calgary...booooring prairies. Leaving Calgary, Alb. we entered the mountains and visited spectacular British Columbia, Lk. Louise and Banff. After 3 days of mtn. driving on perfect roads, onto to Kamloops and a week of fishing and then to Vancouver and Van. Is. & another week of touring. Finally we headed south to Seattle, I-90 and back to Toronto, via Chicago/Detroit. JUST SUPER!!!
—Guest Island Don

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