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Plan Your Summer of Mustang Fun

The 2013 American Muscle Show

Summer is here again, and what a summer it will be for those of us who admire the Ford Mustang. Check out our guide to some of our favorite Mustang events taking place this summer.

Mustangs Spotlight10

Shelby to Offer Limited-Edition GT350 Diecast Collectible

The Carroll Shelby Store has announced they will offer a limited number of 1968 model year Special Paint Car GT350 diecast Shelby Mustangs this summer.

RK Motors Charlotte Adds Three Rare Shelby GTs to their Collection

The team at RK Motors Charlotte has announced they have added three rare classic Shelby GT Mustangs to their showroom. The Mustangs, which are each for sale, join an already large collection of high-performance classic muscle cars on display in Charlotte.

Ford Creates All-New Soundtrack for 2015 Mustang

Shawn Carney, powertrain noise, vibration and harshness engineer for the Ford, worked together with his team to create a distinct voice for each new 2015 Mustang engine. The end result is a Mustang that maintains its heritage while powering into the future.

Ford’s 2015 Mustang Packs a Punch

Ford recently released performance figures for the upcoming 2015 Mustang lineup. No doubt, the company pulled out all the stops in their effort to get the most power out of the newest generation Mustang.

Ford Mustang Sales Down in June Up Slightly For the Year

Ford Motor Company recently released their sales figures for the month of June. In all, the company sold 7,631 Mustangs last month.

The 10 Most Iconic Mustangs of All Time

Over the years, many Mustangs have come and gone. These are the icons, the movers and shakers, the Mustangs that moved the world.

New 2015 Ford Mustang to Feature SYNC 911 Enhancements

Ford says the new 2015 Ford Mustang will be one of the first cars to feature its updated SYNC 911 technology.

Plan Your Summer of Mustang Fun

The following is a guide to some of our favorite Mustang events taking place this summer. While not all inclusive, these are a few of our favorites.

Ford to Offer New Airbags on 2015 Ford Mustang

An airbag that provides knee protection for passengers? The engineers at Ford have designed one. It will first appear in the new 2015 Ford Mustang.

Ford Launches 2015 Mustang Configurator

Ford recently launched its official 2015 Mustang Configurator. The tool gives potential buyers the opportunity to create, and customize, their 2015 Ford Mustang, based on a variety of options and packages.

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