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Product Review: The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang

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The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang

The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang

Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas
Looking to cruise the web in style? Well, Four Door Media, Inc.’s Original Road Mice Ford Mustang might just do the trick. Designed to look like Ford Mustang GTs (and other cars), these computer mice are available in both wired and wireless versions. Each mouse comes with its own unique VIN number. You can even apply for a personalized certificate of title.


The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang is a computer mouse that works with both PC and Macintosh computers. Designed to look like the Ford Mustang GT, the mouse is available in a variety of different colors including: Orange with Black Stripe, Silver with Black Stripe, Black with White Stripe, Red with White Stripe, Blue with White Stripe. You can even buy a Solid Black version, Solid Red, Solid White, along with a White with Blue Stripe model.

The Road Mice wireless version comes with a plug-in connector. The mouse itself has no wired connections. It communicates with your computer using the plug-in connector attached to the USB port. It also features 800-dpi resolution for enhanced accuracy and precision movement. The mouse even features functional headlights. The wired mouse also features 800-dpi resolution and functional headlights. The big difference is it connects to your computer through a traditional wired connection which plugs into a traditional mouse port.

Cruising the World Wide Web

The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang

Functional Headlights

Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas
I spent quite a bit of time testing out my Yellow with Black Stripe wireless Road Mice. In fact, it became my regular computer mouse for several weeks here in the office.

Installing the mouse was rather simple. I plugged the Road Mice USB connector into the back of my computer. I then put the two AAA batteries (included with the mouse) into the Mustang GT. I pressed a few buttons to complete the synching process and was on my way. My PC computer immediately identified the mouse. For added visual impact, I switched the Mustang GT’s headlights on using a switch at the bottom of the mouse.

As for overall performance, the Road Mice Mouse was just as good as other wireless computer mice I’ve used in the past. The left and right click buttons were properly balanced. This is not one of those cheap products that generates multiple clicks or inconsistent mouse movements every time you touch it. Best of all, the Road Mice GT Mouse has a scroller button located on the hood of the car. This allows you to scroll through documents and Web pages when using the mouse. This is by no means a new feature for a computer mouse, but it's a feature worth pointing out.

The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang: The Final Take

In all, I was pleased with The Original Road Mice Ford Mustang. This mouse is more than adequate for everyday use. I can see this as a great gift idea for the Mustang enthusiast who spends much time on the internet.

My favorite features of this mouse are the little things Four Door Media did to enhance the product. Fully functional headlights, a true VIN number, and a personalized Certificate of Title. Heck, they even offer optional “auto” insurance for their Road Mice products. The plan offers a onetime product replacement per customer no matter what happens to the mouse. The company says this includes, “Mechanical breakdown, crashes, theft, fire, acts of god, parental repossession, beverage or water damage, earthquake, floods, drops, falling rocks, animal consumption, jealous friends or family members stepping on it, and anything else that typical insurance companies will exclude from coverage.”

No doubt, The Original Road Mice is a clever little product. Best of all, you can buy one that looks like a Ford Mustang GT. The wireless Original Road Mice Ford Mustang retails for $44.95, while the wired version goes for $32.95.

If, by chance, you decide to venture out and buy a different model, the company does offer the Chevy Camaro version. Just be forewarned. Rumor has it the Road Mice Ford Mustang GT version will leave the Camaro model in the dust!

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 5 out of 5
Road Mice - Company review, Member keithmjr

I received my order in the 2 week time I was told to expect but they sent the wrong item. Not only did they respond quickly to my email but they told me to keep the mouse they sent by mistake and they sent the correct order. You do not get customer service like this everyday, or ever for that matter. Unlike some people who get paid to write reviews for their own companies, or to write poor reviews for others, I was just buying a birthday gift for my father, received great customer service and thought people should know my experience with this company...Highly recommend!

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