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Profile: The 2013 ROUSH RS Mustang

A V6 Mustang With all the Goods


The 2013 ROUSH RS Mustang

The 2013 ROUSH RS Mustang

Photo Courtesy of ROUSH Performance
When it comes to Ford’s latest V6 Mustang, the engineers who worked on the car pulled out all the stops. No doubt, they created an impressive, well balanced ride capable of producing an equally impressive 305 hp via a 3.7L V6 engine. For those of us looking for a bit above and beyond, Jack Roush and his ROUSH Performance engineers have created the 2013 ROUSH RS Mustang. The RS Mustang, “ROUSH Six”, features numerous styling upgrades, as well as improved handling and various ROUSH Engineering components.

Gary Jurick, General Manager of ROUSH Performance, said, “The RS opens a new niche for ROUSH Performance, offering great fuel economy, a good level of power, at an economical price, while still embodying ROUSH’s spirit of performance.”

A Step Above

The ROUSH RS package features a variety of goodies. For instance, the car rides on GT Mustang 19-inch premium painted aluminum wheels and tires. Stopping power is increased thanks to a set of Brembo brakes, and the car features ROUSH lowering springs with progressive rate jounce bumper which lowers the car approximately one inch in the front and rear. ROUSH says the lower ride height reduces the Mustang’s center of gravity which provides quicker steering response and a better feel of the road.

“We (ROUSH) are excited to offer a ROUSH package for all levels of the Ford Mustang line up,” says Tim Wheeler, VP, Sales and Marketing of ROUSH Performance. “The RS will address the Mustang V6 owner that is looking for the ROUSH touch off the showroom floor.”

Appearance Upgrades

ROUSH Performance made sure the RS Mustang is a looker. The car features custom ROUSH aerobody components. This includes high flow upper and lower grilles, an aggressive looking front chin splitter, and side rocker splitters. A rear decklid spoiler enhances the look of the car in the rear. The RS Mustang also features distinct “R” fender badging and a “R” ROUSH faux gas cap. In keeping with tradition, the car features a ROUSH windshield banner. Those seeking something more can equip the car with an optional hood scoop as well as rear quarter window louvers. Custom RS exterior side and hood graphics are also available.

ROUSH Interior

The ROUSH RS Mustang features numerous interior upgrades as well. Occupants will find ROUSH embroidered floor mats, billet performance pedals, and a ROUSH center console badge/button. For an additional fee, buyers can equip the RS Mustang with GT charcoal leather seating or ROUSH sport leather seating along with white or black shifter ball and a suede wrapped performance steering wheel. Another optional upgrade is ROUSH door sill plates with ambient lighting.


ROUSH reports the RS package starts at $4,000 and gets up to 31 mpg highway. The package is available for both coupe and convertible Mustangs. Below is a breakdown of the package’s core components, as well as its optional accessories.

Core Components
$4,000 USD (Above Base Vehicle Price) + Shipping & Handling

  • 19 X 9-Inch Dark Stainless Premium Painted Aluminum Wheels
  • 255/40 ZR19 Performance Tires
  • Lowering Springs and Jounce Bumper Upgrade
  • Grille with ROUSH Badge
  • Front Chin Splitter
  • High Flow Lower Opening
  • Square R Fender Badges
  • Rocker Splitters
  • Rear Decklid Spoiler
  • Jack Roush Signature Graphic on Decklid and DashR - ROUSH Faux Gas Cap Badge
  • Front Windshield Banner
  • Embroidered Floor Mats
  • ROUSH Center Console Badge/Button
  • ROUSH Performance Pedals
  • Available for both automatic and manual transmissions
  • Supplemental Owner's Guide
Optional Components

  • Hood Scoop : $425 USD
  • ROUSH RS Rocker Graphics : $310 USD
  • Hood Graphic : $265 USD
  • Performance Exhaust System with Roush Tips (V6) : $525 USD
  • Performance Suede Wrapped Steering Wheel : $325 USD
  • Illuminated Door Sill Plates : $220 USD
    Requires ambient lighting option
  • ROUSH Door Sill Plates (Non-Illuminated) : $57 USD
    Not available with ambient lighting option
  • "RS" GT Charcoal Leather Seating : $1,195 USD
  • Sport Leather Seating : $1,725 USD
  • ROUSH 6-Speed Shifter Ball : $95 USD
    White or black
  • ROUSH Convertible Light Bar : $910 USD
    For convertible only
  • ROUSH Trunk Mounted Tool Kit : $395 USD
  • Hood Struts : $175 USD
  • ROUSH Rear Quarter Window Louvers : $370 USD
    For coupe only
  • ROUSH Rear Quarter Window Louver Graphics (Matte Black) : $70 USD
  • Locking Lug Nuts : $60 USD

Source: ROUSH Performance

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