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Profile: 2009 Saleen Dark Horse Extreme Edition Mustang

A Saleen Mustang with 600+ Horses Under the Hood


Profile: 2009 Saleen Dark Horse Extreme Edition Mustang

Saleen Dark Horse Mustang Front

Photo Courtesy of Saleen
Photo Gallery

In late September of 2008 Saleen, Inc. introduced the limited-edition 2009 Saleen Dark Horse Extreme Edition Mustang. The car, which is limited to 25 units, is said to be the most powerful production Ford Mustang ever created. Saleen’s new Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, Mark Patrzik, officially unveiled the car before a public audience in Long Beach, Calif. on Sunday October 5, 2008.

First things first, the Dark Horse Mustang will set you back around $90,000. Now that I've got that out of the way, I can tell you Patrzik reported many of the cars have already been sold. That means only a few were left to be purchased. Of course, $90,000 is a lot to pay for a Mustang, so what makes this car so special?


  • Production Limited to 25
  • $90,000 Price Tag
  • 620 hp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Equipped with a Speedlab SuperShaker
For starters, the Dark Horse Mustang boasts a supercharged 302-cubic-inch V8 engine capable of producing 620 hp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. If that’s not enough, the car is the first production Saleen ever to feature a Speedlab SuperShaker under its hood. According to Dan Agnew, Powertrain Engineering Manager for Saleen, “The vehicle takes advantage of the ram effect into the SuperShaker air box. It increases pressure in the air box, which adds boost by 0.5 psi and holds air charge temperature relatively constant even with the higher boost.” That means drivers of the Dark Horse can expect to see even more power while out on the road.

On the outside Saleen says the car is a mix between the Saleen Extreme and the Saleen Heritage body styles. Upon first glance, the car comes across as a sleeper, boasting a flat black color scheme with “Dark Horse” badging and “302 SC” markings on its hood. The car also features headlight splitters, a grille that reminds me of the one featured on the S197 Bullitt Mustang, and 275/35 ZR20 Pirelli tires riding on 20-inch Saleen rims. The Dark Horse also features a Saleen gas cap, a rear spoiler, rear window louvers, and special quarter-window panels featuring, you guessed it, a dark horse.

The Dark Horse Includes:

  • Saleen Port Matched Series VI Integrated Screw type supercharger
  • Forged aluminum pistons
  • Forged steel connecting rods
  • Forged steel crankshaft
On the inside the Saleen Dark Horse features a Saleen serialized engine plaque, navigation system, and sport leather seating with Alcantara inserts. The shifter knob features a Saleen red cap along with Saleen red trim near the bottom of the shifter boot. The car also features the official Saleen logo on the center of the steering wheel. You’ll also find several gauge pods mounted on the dash.

In all, the Saleen Dark Horse Extreme is a sharp looking Mustang. Is it worth the $90,000 price tag? I’ll let you be the judge. Would I like to take the car out for a cruise? You betcha. Unfortunately Saleen has yet to ask us to review this Saleen pony ride.

The company said production of the car would begin in November 2008.

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