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Paul's Self Styled Custom Mustang Graphics Package

Submit an Entry: Show Us Your Racing Stripes

By Paul McAndrew

Paul's Self Styled Custom Mustang Graphics Package

The Northwest view

Paul's Self Styled Custom Mustang Graphics Package

The Southeast view

Year and Make of My Ford Mustang

2006 GT

Graphics Package Manufacturer

Self Styled

Where did you purchase the package?

ACES Body and Paint, Baltimore, Maryland

Vision Signs, Bel Air, Maryland

DIY Install or Professional Install?


Did you design the graphics package yourself?

Yes, I made many, many copies of line drawings of both the side and top view of my ride. Then I drew at least 20 different designs of stripes until I was sure about what I wanted it to look like. I am pleased with the look, especially since it is a one off design.

How long did the install take?

It took 8 days to sand, layout, tape, paint, clear, and buff out the racing stripes. I took about 3 days to draw side designs and decide which side design I would use. It took another day to draw and cut them and about 3 hours to do the vinyl sides install.


  • Paint the stripes. They will look better from the start and outlast everything else. Vinyl is okay if you are only going to keep the ride a year or so. Do it right. Do it once!

Jonathan Lamas, About.com Mustangs, says:

Sharp looking ride Paul. Thanks for sharing.

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